Boiler Plus Legislation 2018

Boiler Plus: New standards for domestic boiler installations in England from April 2018

What is Boiler Plus and what does it mean for you?

New regulations for boiler efficiency have come into place since April 6, 2018 called Boiler Plus.  It’s designed to improve the way you use energy in your home, as it gives you greater choice and control over your energy usage, which results in tangible savings on your energy bills.

The new Boiler Plus Legislation 2018 will also make programmable timers and room thermostats an explicit requirement for all gas and oil systems, making sure it gives you the power to achieve the greatest comfort in your home.  Under this legislation there are three new requirements for boilers installed in existing dwellings in England:

  1. All gas boilers must have a seasonal efficiency of at least 92% ErP.
  2. All gas and oil boilers must have time and temperature control.
  3. All gas combination boilers must be installed with one of the following additional energy-saving measures:
  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems (FGHR):

This device is designed to improve energy efficiency of the boiler by recycling the heat from the flue gases, which would usually be lost into the atmosphere.  Instead this heat is used to preheat domestic hot water.

  • Weather Compensation

Weather Compensation uses sensors installed outside on a north facing elevation that monitor the temperature changes through time.  They communicate this information back to your central heating system, which then calculates, with great accuracy, how much heat should be generated, and for how long.  This way the Weather Compensation system maintains the temperature you want without spikes of overheating and under heating.

  • Load Compensation

Simply put, Load Compensation monitors the response from the heating system, measures it, and then adjusts the flow temperature automatically based on requirements to reduce fuel consumption.

  • Smart Controls (Thermostats) featuring Automation and Optimisation functions

Below is a diagram that better explains how the Boiler Plus Legislation 2018 works courtesy of the Heating and Hot water Industry Council website:

What happens if you don’t comply with Boiler Plus Legislation 2018?

If you are a homeowner, and are in the market for a new boiler, and are told by a plumber/installer/installation company that installing a cheap, below 90% efficiency boiler will comply with Boiler Plus, please be warned.  If they have invoiced you for the same, it can be considered fraudulent.  While there is a grace period of about 6 months for installers and homeowners to comply with Boiler Plus, precaution is a better route than cure.  It is possible for Building Control to prosecute installers who do not install boilers complying with Boiler Plus Legislation 2018 as it can be deemed breaking the law.  As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure your new boiler complies with Boiler Plus, as there may be prosecution and fines ahead for you if you don’t.